1993: a tribute

Siamese Dream, In Utero, and Vs. played in their entirety. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation and will benefit music education at Grand Rapids Public Schools.

"The year 1993 might have been the most important one in alternative rock history. Although 1991 featured the release of Nirvana's revolutionary album, Nevermind, 1993 marked a point in time when three breakout bands were releasing follow-up albums that would ultimately determine the commercial success or failure of this new experiment in music. As it happened, three of the finest albums ever made were released, to much popularity and critical acclaim: Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream, Nirvana's In Utero, and Pearl Jam's Vs.

"Almost 20 years later, members of 12 Grand Rapids bands have come together to pay tribute to these three albums that have shaped them as musicians."

Siamese Dream:
Jaymes Pyne (HTAFM; Vocals/Guitar)
Raf Ohli (Charles the Osprey; Guitars/Keys)
Jeremy Pyne (Chance Jones; Bass/Vocals)
Scott Hickok (Moto; Drums)

In Utero
Brian George (Onn; Vocals/Guitar)
Rodney Johnson (The Long Count; Bass)
Josh Stacey (Ozenza; Drums)

Tim Bober (Afro Zuma; Vocals )
Ryan Goldner (Dutch Henry; Bass)
Jeremy Kosmicki (Oracle; Guitar)
Kyle Dood (The Total Blam Blams; Guitar)
Wes Eaton (Love Fossil; Drums)

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