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Produced by HydraKraken and Viktor Skorikov
Director of Photography Olivia Kuan
Director Matt Morgenthaler
Starring Becky Lea Goodman and Branden Smith

Unfortunately, this is a rather small screen and Vimeo does compress the original files. So the difference isn't as clear as would be apparent on a television or theater screen. But nonetheless, some key differences are apparent. Take the first side-by-side shot and look at the tires, the grass behind the car, and even the car itself. Compare it to the 7D where the black in the tires is a little muddy, the grass is less colorful and crisp, and the silver car has escaped into white. Sorry the next shot doesn’t match better. In the shot of the car driving through the fog, the differences are subtle, but look at the trees on the right side of the frame. On the Alexa, you can count them, on the 7D you can’t. The shot with the couple sitting under a tree is a great example of the difference in latitude. While both cameras have exposed the shadow areas, the Alexa was able to captured areas hit by direct sunlight which the 7D could not. Hence on the 7D, those areas are blown out and zero information was captured. When no information exists to color correct, it is impossible to fix in post. The shot through the windshield of the car has the best example of color strength. From here on out, keep an eye on the sky. As we get into the couple in the field, you can see that the Alexa will get you a blue sky, while the 7D will lose it into the whites. Colors and definition play a big part in the rest of the video. Note especially the definition in the grass during the wide shot of the couple looking at the sunset. The flares are different as well, though I don’t want to make any claims about them since they are mostly dependent on the lenses that were used. Going back a few shots, watch the motion in the handheld shot of the girl picking flowers. Look at each camera individually and note the difference in the way the camera moves. All the shots at the beginning and end of the video were shot on the Alexa. As I note, the only color correction I did was because the 7D came out looking warmer in the magenta-y way. It was hard to notice any other differences before I compensated for that. Feel free to comment if you have an questions or would like to see something else!

Resolution: Alexa - ProRes 444 1080p 24; 7D - 1080p 24
Color Space: Alexa - Rec709; 7D - standard
ISO: 320 on both
Color Temp: 5600 on both
Shutter: Alexa - 180; 7D- 50
Exposure: ND filters and aperture matched on all shots
Lenses: Alexa - Zeiss MK2 super speeds; Canon 18-135 zoom

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