This is old.
Sigur Ros is this band. They are the ones who manifested the idea that deep sun deprived depression in scandinavian babies can also be cute.
It worked with the zeitgeist, it was a time when everybody felt so in touch with their inner depressed and sun deprived scandinavian baby.
Plus the combination cute+depressed suddenly became the new sexy.
This notion is now of course spent. it seems that today's new sexy is the combination reality show + victim (although it doesn't hurt to be cute+depressed).

This was my final graduation work when I finished my studies back in 2005. And though I am moved by their music sometimes, it actually didn't have anything to do with Sigur Ros or with the specifics of their song (which turns out to tell the story of a boy who jumps into a lake to save flies from drowning... how cute and depressed).

What it actually did involve is a very private experience I had. A very big revelation that had nothing to do with zeitgeist.

Director: Liron Damir
Design, Animation, Compositing: Liron Damir

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