This collection of images encourages the observer to compare the differences and similarities between people and buildings, mainly focusing on the anonymity of them.

Locations: Kensington, Piccadilly Circus & Covent Garden in London, England, UK

Photography: Thomas Brunskill (

Music: 'Nightmusic' by Grimes feat. Majical Clouds (



Inspired by his lonely explorations around London, Thomas Brunskill decided to create a collection of photos focusing on the similarities between the two main things he sees; buildings & people. With a clear idea in his head, he photographed & edited the photos then created a video slideshow along with appropriate music to fit the deep theme of his idea within a period of 6 hours.

When Thomas wants to ‘get away from everything’, he usually wanders around the streets of the West End listening to underground music, discovering interesting alleys & backroads on his travels. Rather than being distracted in conversation with friends, he has the opportunity to pay more attention to and observe his surroundings. He loves the freedom of being alone and knowing everyone around him is anonymous. Something else around him which is anonymous are buildings. It occurred to him that buildings can be very similar to people. Every person & building has its own character, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are old, some are new. Some have been through wars, some haven’t even been around the Sun once. They could have a very negative or positive past.

In Thomas’s slideshow you’re welcomed by eerie music which emphasizes the deep meaning of the concept of the collection and a space theme which represents the endless possibilities of personalities. You are then presented with a candid grayscale photo of a woman with her face blurred. The most distinguishable part of a human is the face and something so simple as color is removed - this adds more anonymity to the photo. Going with the music in the background, the photos change. The next photo is of a building and draws attention to its design and detail. Throughout the slideshow you notice every 2 photos are of people then buildings.

When looking at these photos, one may feel like they’re viewing the remains of someone’s faded memory containing such lack of information. It means there’s even more for you to imagine when thinking what’s going on inside the people’s minds or inside the buildings.

Not only does this collection focus on anonymity, it also focuses on the movement & stagnation of people and buildings. When you visit a location, you may see people and buildings, but when you return you have an extremely low chance of seeing those people again and a very high chance of seeing the buildings. People are always moving and buildings are always at a stagnation. Even though these are opposites, there are comparisons, such as, buildings & people are born, and they die. A person is created inside a person by the person without help of the brain, but a building is created on the outside of a person by people with a lot of help from the brain. They’re both creations of people, but in different ways. These ideas add to the many, when thinking about the comparisons between people & buildings.

Thomas claims he had no inspiration of these photos, he thought of it when asked to produce 12 photos for a school project which fit into either the urban landscape, documentary or fashion genres. He chose a hybrid between documentary & urban landscape and imagined a concept while listening to the music which is played in the background.

This collection was designed to make you to not just look at it, enjoy for a few seconds and move on, but to encourage you to think & take more notice of your surroundings.

(3rd person review written by Thomas Brunskill)

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