Flying over the ruins of an earth destroyed by blood-thirsty flying space-bats, a very naughty Supergirl drinks and drugs around the post-apocalypse she failed to stop.

Have no fear, Apocalypse Girl is here... god help us all.

I directed and co-wrote this short 10 minute sci-fi comedy. Its lots of fun and we hope to make it into a feature.

Apocalypse Girl Rachael Pollard
Shellsoot David Davies
Wheelbarrow Paul Renhard
Scarrphace David Gilbank
Mole Thomas Oulton
Frizzy Foulmouth Harriet Oulton
Directed by David Gilbank
DOP Rick Houghton
1st Assistant Director Russ Williams
Edited by Damian Grady
Produced by Renhard Gilbank Grady
Executive Producers Rick Houghton Chris Hudson
Screenplay by Renhard Gilbank
Make up Vicki Oulton
Special Effects Damian Grady
Prosthetics Jeb Buttery
Original Music Corin Bartley & Mark Langford
Stills David Berryman
Green-Screen Galleon Studios
Sound recordist delphic_0

A Special Order 937/Redolution/Red 7 production

Filmed on Location in Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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