16:30 Mindfulness as an Energy
18:05 When We Walk Together
19:40 The Temple of Brotherhood
23:40 Zen (Dhyana) Definition
28:00 History of Zen Master Tang Hoi
35:50 The Diamond Sutra and Four Notions to Throw Away
47:00 Two Kinds of Truth: Conventional Truth and Ultimate Truth
1:09:00 Let the Buddha Breathe
1:22:49 300 of the Samyukta Agama
1:28:00 The One Who Acts and the One Who Receives the Fruit of Action
1:41:30 Removing the Notion of Life Span
1:48:20 Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy
1:51:35 Looking for the Birth of the Universe Is a Waste of Time
1:54:00 The Discourse on the Middle Way

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