ODDTV's Leeds Acoustic sessions are a seasonal series of videos, where local musicians perform one original song at a hidden outdoor location in Leeds. Each episode is beautifully shot and stripped back of production values allowing the performance to shine through in its rawest form. oddtv.co.uk

A Message from Dave Pilla:
For anyone who's interested the song is based on one of the fella's in Louis Theroux's program about San Quentin prison. If you've seen it you may remember amongst all the murderers, rapists, gang members and paedo's there was one wimpy looking bloke who looked like some sort of IT 'office geek' (for want of a better description). It's fair to say he'd been getting a hard time and wasn't much enjoying himself, poor little bastard. But then of course he wasn't in San Quentin without reason, if I remember rightly his reasoning for being inside was something like "I have a temper" - he just looked very out of place. Anyway that is the concept for the song. Poetic license included..

go on little man you can rest your head 
its 4 in the morning you're soaked in red 
and the cold of the stone and the iron door 
makes you wanna go back how you were before (x2)
born with a name then i went away 
now im a boy in a cage in a smokey grey 
take me out of the yard where the burly ones prowl 
and then maybe you're the one who can save me now (x2)
...i know, the garden gates are closed 
so take what you need, keep them guarded from your foes 
from your foes.
no i dont know when im doing wrong 
i need aid im alone in a burdened throng 
maybe we'd be the same if we started again 
if i could only be a burden now and then 
i would only be a burden now and then
...i know the garden gates are closed 
so take what you need keep it guarded from your foes 
from your foes
there's no mourning, i see Him, He's calling me now 
i'll be warm again 
there's a wonder for me and He's calling it loud 
i'll be warm again.

Youtube Channel: youtube.com/user/davepilla
Twitter: twitter.com/davepilla


Shot and edited by: Tom Chapman
Sound / Camera B: Michael Hoskin

Canon EOS 7D
Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM
Tascam D40
Rode NTG-2

w. majortomproductions.co.uk
E. hello@majortomproductions.co.uk
T. twitter.com/tommychappersii

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