Six lovely strangers crossed paths and formed a beautiful bond of friendship, giving birth to "Emoteras".
We've had differences in personalities and opinions; we've had fights and we've argued. But despite all the misunderstandings, we've found ways to talk things and straighten them out; we've remained friends, more like sisters. We have treasured this special bond between us for more than 2 years now. May God continue to bless us and keep us together - despite the distance, despite the time.

Mild, have a great journey ahead! We wish you the best - in life and in love! May you find true happiness and may you be able to reach your dreams! We love you and we will definitely miss you! See you at the crossroads! ;)

Mildrose a.k.a. METOpak
LAi a.k.a. PRIMAture
Jobelle a.k.a. FARRAHnoid
Aivelove a.k.a OHHtistic
Ivy Hugs a.k.a VEGAon
Chelly a.k.a. MAHArot

-> Thanks E-aRt for this awesome AVP! ^_^

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