The Mujahideen - the Holy Warriors who a decade ago overthrew the Russian backed regime in Afghanistan - made a triumphal return to power.

While news reports lauded these Islamic warriors as a liberating army, Phil Rees examines the regime that makes up Afghanistan’s government in waiting.

During the month prior to the fall of Kabul, the program gained unique access to the warlords of the Northern Alliance. Abdul Rasul Sayyaf’s soldiers were accused of murder and rape when they last entered Kabul.
What now for this destroyed city and a country strangled by seemingly eternal warfare? Will Western forces find
themselves trapped in a land that refuses to be conquered by the world's great powers?

Phil first reported from Afghanistan during the war against the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Last month, he returned to Kabul alongside the victorious Mujahideen fighters and discovered what lies ahead in The Afghan Trap.

The Financial Times described the film as 'excellent' (1.12.01) and the late, great Charles Wheeler wrote: "A really outstanding film, by far the best and most thoughtful report I've seen on Afghanistan since the story broke".

Directed by Frank Smith
Camera: Dean Johnson
Picture Editor: Robert Moore
Editor: Fiona Stourton

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