Two minute preview of "DO NOT READ THIS"

"What happens when acts or performances, discourses or writing, analysis or description are part of the objects they designate? When can they be given as examples of precisely that of which they speak or write?"

Jacques Derrida, The Post Card (1980)

"DO NOT READ THIS" is the third film in a series about philosophical ideas. Like previous films it attempts through narrative and mise-en-scène to find filmic expression for the philosophical idea.The film draws on the complex work of Jacques Derrida to explore the act of writing and in turn of reading.


HDV, 29', 2012

Written & Directed: Joanna Callaghan

Cast: Alexandrina Hemsley, Robert Rowland Smith, Maria Wiener

Cinematography: Joachim Bergamin

Music: Peter Coyte

Edited: Joanna Callaghan & Marco Ruffatti

Produced: Heraclitus Pictures

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