Through its ongoing drive to promote its team's talents, Caustik Studio presents its first 3D animated short to be released in Fall 2012.

This is the second teaser that introduces another monster: Lord Kamashna

// Lord Kamashna's profile

.Trained to capture any rebel

. 10 ton crushing claws
. Hard shell cage for prisoners

. Extremely strong. Can lift an 18 wheeler with his claw
. Lethal sting with 2cm of precision

. Has a weakness for cute animals
. His vision can only detect moving objects

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/ Credits
// Production / Caustik
/// Character Design / Omar Labbad
/// Modeling / Mounir Sayadi
/// Texturing / Dania Adhami
/// Rigging / Hossam El-Deen Mostapha
/// Animation / Omar Labbad
/// Shading, Lighting & Compositing / Amine Alameddine

// Sound Design & Music / Teddy Nadr Music

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