Her laptop is gummy. A ibook g4 933mHz 14" getting slow, showing its age. But if I could make my Pismo last 6 years I think we can make her ibook last 10. Serious.

What's already been changed? New battery. Usually the first thing to go on these technological bastards. She still has the stock 640mb of ram but I just recently discovered I can ram a 1gig stick in there. (merry xmas!)

What I'm doing to it in this video? A new heart. A 160gig Seagate 5400rpm hard drive. Why not 7200rpm? Initially I wanted to get her something badass but it is a laptop and I don't want to see her time spent on the thing diminish because of the battery dying quicker than it needs to. 5400rpm is plenty fast.

word up - ice t
thanks ifixit.com
no thanks apple for making the ibook a bitch to upgrade.

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