Follow this exciting adventure as contributors Chad Brealey, Mark Busse and Ben Garfinkel strap on their sea legs and go prawning in a very secret location. Not only do they introduce you to the highly sustainable local delicacy known as the SPOT PRAWN, but watch as they eat them right out of the water.

Best quotes from the final version of this segment:

"We just sucked the heads." -Ben Garfinkel

"The Prawn Broker... where do they put all the stereos and tv's on the boat? -Ben Garfinkel

Best quotes that didn't make the final version of this segment:

"My diapers are floatation devices." -Mark Busse

"That's the best head Chad is going to get for a while." -Mark Busse

Camera by Nathan Garfinkel & Julie Kim
Directed & Edited by Nathan Garfinkel
Thanks to Steve & Frank at Organic Ocean
United Nathan Productions -
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