Excerpt. Full duration: 22 minutes

I eat a pineapple until it becomes too uncomfortable to continue.

Ninety-five percent of cayenne pineapples exported are from Honduras or Hawaii. Cayenne pineapples are distinctive for their high acid content. It is believed that the pineapple was domesticated by Native Americans and brought from Brazil and Paraguay through South and Central America to Mexico and the West Indies before Europeans reached the Americas. Caribbean Indians placed pineapples or pineapple crowns outside the entrances to their dwellings as symbols of friendship and hospitality. My abuelita gave me a necklace of a golden pineapple. I was allowed to start wearing it when I turned 15. That is when I became a woman.

Originally projected across from "The Lady in the Tutti Fruitti Hat," a musical number performed by Carmen Miranda in "The Gangs All Here" (1943). Both videos loop in real time so that the consumption of the pineapple and my facial expressions/bodily reactions never align with the same moving images of Carmen Miranda in exactly the same way.

After Marina Abramović’s The Onion (1996).

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