Part 2:

In this three-part video series, Focus on the Family's Glenn T. Stanton answers the commonly asked question, "Why not legalize gay marriage"? The video is from 2005, but the answers Stanton provides are timeless, still relevant to today's debate.

Stanton explores the following questions:

1. How will my same-sex marriage hurt your marriage?
2. Is same-sex marriage like interracial marriage?
3. Where does it stop?
4. Can't we all just get along by having religious marriage and civil marriage?
5. What public good does marriage provide?
6. Is it healthy to subject children to experimental families?
*7. But haven't medical and psychological groups said same-sex parenting is fine?
8. How do we know what kind of families children need?
9. Is the same-sex family about the needs of children or the wants of adults?
10. Does gender really matter?

* Stanton has provided the following links to further explore this subject. These links answer recent arguments that say same-sex parenting is equal to traditional parenting:

Same-sex parenting research: A look below the surface

Same-Sex Parenting, Child Sexual Orientation and Sexual Experiences

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