My home: Nuclear Base. Episode 08: "Left Behind"

After perestroika, and collapse of the USSR, one of the strongest economic models of the world, suddenly, was not so impressive anymore...

In 1991, Russian army was withdrawn from the Kazakhstan.

The scientists and workers of the nuclear range, the ones who sacrificed their life for our future, were left behind, on their own. They were left without means of existence, along with their families.

The scientific atomic research center of entire nation, was looted, and taken apart, brick by brick.

For a while, they had no food, clean water, or heat in the middle of winter. Some immigrated to Russia, others stayed behind.

They lost their only direction they were trained for, and worked for, all their life. Most of them lost their health in the process.

Russian and Kazakhstan government had no time or resources to deal with them. A lot of scientists died short time after the collapse of the empire. Who stayed behind, became drunks, living mostly in their memories.

Here are two of the scientists, who stayed.

They are telling me the stories of their life at the Nuclear Range, and their job in Chernobyl. They went thru real hell. This video was made in the year of 2006.

Before the collapse, they used to be two of the brightest nuclear physicists of our nation. One of them is my father. Both of them are now dead.

Short documentary episodes.
Life at the Nuclear Testing Range "Semipalatinsk-21", Kazakhstan.

Producers: Timofey & Konstantin Yuriev
Date: March, 2012
Place: Semipalatinsk-21 (Kurchatov), Kazakhstan
Copyright © 2012, | Toronto, Canada

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