One of the great storytellers of our day was born on a cold winter night in Great Falls, Mont. Craig Wirth was not a typical child. He wore leg braces and was bullied in school. Rather than idolizing a typical comic book super hero, he instead admired Thomas Edison.

As an adult, Wirth is not your typical reporter, both in looks and voice but has always held a captive audience when telling a narrative. Never afraid of thinking outside the box, he is always full of creative ideas when it comes to putting together an amazing feature. Although his creativity has helped him succeed tremendously, it has also gotten him fired many times in his career. With a strong determination and work ethic, he has never let obstacles stop him from succeeding.

Wirth has a talent for interviewing, and he is able to get the most memorable stories that make an impact on his viewers. With a variety of award-winning features under his belt, Wirth has gotten a punk haircut, has questioned why New Jersey has no state song, and has also gotten turkeys to talk to him, in unison - on television. A natural comedian, his forte is feature reporting. However, he has also done serious reporting such as documentaries for The Travel Channel, news reporting for Financial News Network with features in Berlin and Russia, and has contributed to NBC News Overnight, and Good Morning America. A lover of history, Craig has done a lot of traveling. He aims to tell the history of amazing places and people who are both mundane and eccentric.

Wirth has been telling stories about people for over 40 years. In all of the amazing stories he has told, he attributes their quality to the people within them. “It’s not the stories that make a good story, it’s the people in the stories that make the stories,” Wirth said.

With a passion for teaching and a talent for bringing out talent in his students, he has spent much of his time sharing his knowledge with others and giving back to the community. At University of Utah he has taught students who have successful careers telling stories as well. He’s also currently teaching at Humanities in Focus, which helps less fortunate people tell their stories and gain knowledge in writing and video production.

Wirth loves animals and has been known for bringing home strays and rescues alike. A proud vegan, he is passionate about animals and has dedicated himself to helping them. One of his best friends of all time was a black-and-white dog named Bob, who passed away about a year ago.

Although Wirth is a very humble person, he has won three Emmy awards and has had his name in lights at Times Square in New York City. He is a mentor to his students, an entertainer and educator to his viewers, a great friend and confidant to those close to him, and a hero to homeless pets. A perfect accolade to his success is his recent induction into the Utah Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame, which will be recognized in May 2012.

- written submission by Laura Gillette

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