My approach to this Ciné-Roman task began with analysing which text was most appealing and the one I could relate most with. This text threatened connection of surreal and real, the meeting point of physical and mental, the questioning of and against the universe, and the powers behind experimentation, imagination, creativity, dreaming, delusion, and mental illness. The research conducted proved entertaining, the lecture material provided examples of a lot of artist that worked with still images and audio in a similar sense like a basic montage with sound; in that the audio was more exterior, providing a back ground of what the images are portraying rather than being a part of the image play. As a result of this I aimed to create a simultaneous collaboration of the images and audio providing the sound to the action of the image, rather then a tool for narration. The work 'Terra Sacra Time Lapses' by Sean F. White, was a more leading example as to how I could achieve a link between sound speeds with the imagery. The most obvious medium I found attractive to achieve this was with stop motion. Most evidently the works of artist PES stood out to me most, in how in a minutes play a clip is leading from start to end telling a story, achieving in stop motion what the text also does.

Rearranging layers, separating audio, overlaying sound, changing speed and compressing footage were all part of the time consuming process, all completed on
After Effects and Final Cut Pro. Although sound editing proved a difficult challenge once identifying where each sound captured should go along with the images, made it a lot easier in the finishing edits in Final Cut Pro. Used sound to create anticipation in relation to images and in suspense of what is going to occur next. Creating the props and drawings, planning every step and frame before it happens was one of the biggest challenges of all, an extensive amount of photos had to be taken so that there was a wide variety whilst editing, and a sense of flow in the finished product.
All sounds used were self created and royalty free.

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