I've always had names for my bikes when I built them up. Usually the name went with the frame. I used to ride a Sunday 20.5 2nd wave which I named Lafawnduh. When I decided to get a new frame I wanted it to look aesthetically just like my old bike. Just with tweaks in specs. I waited forever for those Big Bobs to come in.

When I lived in Harrisburg I would ride my bike to work. The alley behind my apartment had all these plastic bins that were fun to cruise on the way. The alley was mostly down hill and got going pretty fast. It led into a couple more hills on the way to the call center I loathed so much. Working 12-9 I didn't really have time to enjoy riding during the week. So when it came to my morning commute I enjoyed as much of it as I could. A little manual pad here, a recycle bin there. I was never used to going that fast but started to really liked it.

Once I found out I was losing my apartment I had an idea to make a short vid of the alley behind it. I probably rode that alley more than any spot at the time, just from commuting through it. So a day or two before I had to move back to Lebanon, Mclovin came up and helped me film this little skit. It's kind of like a bike check and kind of like a little memory of how my commute was.

Frame: 20.75 Fit S4
Fork: Fit Blade 2
Bars: Animal Big Bobs
Grips: Flatware Cufflinks
Crank: Profile Bossless 180mm
Sprocket: 25t Profile Spline Drive
Pedals: Duo Resilite
Chain: ODSY Blue bird
Seat: Duo/Defgrip
Seat-post: Animal wedge
Stem: Fly Top Load
Headset: Deco
Pegs: Animal Lino-G
Front-Hubguard: Simple Aluminum
Rear-Hubguard: BSD
Front Wheel: Simple hub laced to an Eclat Bondi Rim
Rear Wheel: Shadow Rant LSD laced to an Eclat Xodus Rim
Front Tire: Odyssey Aitken 2.25
Rear Tire: Animal ASM 2.1

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