Hi i'm Director Jinha Lee..
First. Thanks your watch!

original video : vimeo.com/42675370

pre production - 2days
Location Hunting - 2days
actor & step casting - 2days
filming - 2days
wating for sunshine - 4days
editing - 4days

not enough time..
not enough resource
but everybody smile
I could did it, one way or another.
The bigger Video, though, is rather more conventional. (cuz it just cadalog video..)
Goodness knows the director and actors did expend much effort.

What ever!

i will make many many new film&videos..next time..
I am sure i will succeed.


I hope to have your support.
Can you do it somehow?

if you supporting me! you received a gift in reward for your support
for example, expose on end credit - company, logo,name,text , anything -you need

i think The future will be better tomorrow.



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