I have a little story to share with you. At one point in my life, I had quite a bit going on all at once but what makes this story-worthy, is that I’ve gained valuable PERSPECTIVE.

The year that John and I were married, we bought a fixer-upper farm in Wisconsin and started our entrepreneurial business. I have always been one to take on as much as possible. One morning… my body just stopped. I couldn’t function and after many tests the conclusion was simple: STRESS. Not me. I am a positive/happy person.

Not so.

So, I learned in that moment to really LEARN about myself. And about how to use this perspective to guide me through a lifetime of busyness. I simply decided that like everything, stress is a choice. I chose to listen,to keep my eyes up to the sky and my mind focused on the positive. I do hope you can take away something from my sharing. Remember that we all need to find balance… to focus on the good… to embrace the sweetness of life.

Be extraordinary!

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