Welcome to an inside perspective. To a remote set of islands all too often overlooked on the world map, and to the unique, independent people who call this place home. Pack your passport and zip up your raincoat. Brew one last cup of tea and step ashore. You’ve arrived at 51º South, and this is the Falkland Islands.

This is the first of seven videos in this series that capture the uniqueness, the quirkiness and the complexity surrounding the islands, while ultimately providing more intimate insight into the Falklands as a whole. Welcome. Click. Explore. Enjoy.
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A Collaboration by : Vern Cummins & Jamie Gallant
Edited by: Christine Wolf
Ass. Edit & MGFX: Caleb Hepler
Post Supervision: JoJo Scheerer
Title design: Eric Lee
Colorist: Fred Keller
Sound Design & Mix: Peter Erazmus
Audio Supervision: David Kaplan, Mindy Verson
Music : 'Tornando' by Jonsi ©Universal Music Publishing Ltd.
Music Direction: Eric 'DJ Bunny Ears' Johnson
Archive Audio Courtesy of FIRS (Falkland Island Radio Service)

Our Characters: Samantha Brownlee, Troyd Bowles, Nigel Haywood, Richard Hines, Steve Massum and Charlie McKenzie

Our Partners: The North Face®, Redrock Micro®, Carl Zeiss Lenses® and Land Rover - Chicago®

A very special thank you to:

Sam Addison, Audio Producers Group (APG), Scott Betts, Stacey Bragger, Drew Cicala, Joe Coletta, Layla Crowie, Falkland Islands Television (FITV), Filmworkers Club Chicago, Steve and Paula Fowmes, Stephen Gallant, Bridgette Green, Anika Jaffray, Debra Kelman Loew, Lisa Long, Richard Schleuning, Deanna Rakowsky, Mark Spruce, Scott Terry, Dan Walsh, Briana Weatherspoon,The Whitehouse Post, Our loved ones, Our families, Our friends, and everyone who helped show their support of this series.

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