Don’t worry it is not an April 1st edition (although I was going to do one but missed it) this edition will see a demonstration of how to use a nifty bit of software called TubeTV, which, as the name may suggest, can pull down flash video from sites like YouTube and convert them so that they can be played on your iPod. A full demo, with the result being a short demo film on an old classic synth (which I sold on E-Bay).

Oh and while I remember.....I am asking all of you out there in web land to make a contribution, this could be a short video made on your web cam or iSight cam or an audio file. I am looking for a range of comments, features, feedback or anything else that you think worth mentioning that is in any way related to the Mac, or PC for that matter.

I don't mind how it comes or how it is presented, as long as it is not something that would offend or require substantial censorship!

To get your contribution to me you can simply email me at or tweet me at Twitter or contact me via other social network sites, which include: facebook, myspace or bebo.

I can send you an invite to my Drop Box account or please invite me to any on-line (cloud) file storage, you you may have.

If you have made a video or sound comment you want featured but not sure how to get it to me then again simply e-mail me and I will be happy to help. One very easy way of doing this is by putting up on to youtube, where I can simply download it to use it (with your consent of course).

Thank you in advance for your contribution to Mac Junction

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