This poem is done over the instrumental of How He Loves by David Crowder Band.

Alright this is just a poem from my heart, this is something I think about often. i see those couples walking down the street and they were the inspiration behind this. there is love out there for everybody. But love is found through that perfect combination of bestfriend and lover. It isn't learning to deal with faults, but learning to love those faults. Love is a friendship first and a physical relation next. Love gives you butterflies and sweaty palms, because if you aren't nervous to lose to it, then you don't truly love it. I want a love that last day in and day out, through ups and downs, through smiles and frowns, through sunny days and storms, through the ugly and the pretty. Never ending and never failing. Where forever means forever. I want a bestfriend and a lover.

Bestfriend and a Lover

I see those couples walking down the street, holding hands Just gazing into each others eyes and just smiling And I just think to myself, I want that I want that feeling in your heart I want those butterflies fluttering I want those nervous shaky, clammy hands I want that first date feeling Where you spend all day, just imagining the night Staring at your closet, picking out the perfect outfit Pulling up in front of her house, heart racing Walking up to her front door, to be met by the most angelic smile That feeling of your heart stopping and your jaw dropping Walking back to your car, opening her door like a gentlemen does Taking one last deep breath before you get back in your car Sitting at dinner just thinking to yourself how lucky you are Just staring into her smile, into her eyes, into her soul And just knowing, you are just two peas in a pod The two puzzle pieces just go together perfectly Driving back to her house, as the night comes closer to an end Pulling up to the house, second time for the night Heart racing, pounding, like it is trying to escape your chest You begin up the driveway, and the walk seems to be extended for miles You reach down, grab her hand And you feel her give that little, so gentle squeeze And you feel that smile upon your face That you just can’t wipe off, that you can’t break free from You reach the front door and get ready to say goodnight And it is like all time freezes The hug or the kiss, which will it be And you lean in just taking the chance And you see her head begin to lean into your yours And your lips meet and the fireworks explode in the sky And the rejoicing of the angels is the only sound you hear Heart racing, heart pounding, but you are filled with such perfect serenity And you just don’t want your lips to ever split But it does, and the night ends She walks back in her house, you walk back to your car And you notice that night the moon a little brighter, the stars a little clearer And it is like all the bad in the world is gone, and you are just filled with peace Perfect, perfect peace But I don’t want it to end just there I don’t want just one perfect night, I want that perfect girl I want her forever, I want her always
I want to have that girl all day and all night And be able to wake up in the morning and know that she is still mine One who will stay through all the bullshit One who won’t just put up with who I am, but truly love me for what I am One who won’t antagonize my mistakes, but grow with me through them One who I can tell my deepest secrets to One who will help carry my baggage One who says forever, and means it I want a best friend and a lover

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