I. Mignon ("Kennst du das Land?")
Robert Schumann
Lieder und Gesaenge aus Wilhelm Meister, Op. 98a
Mignon was a collaborative music video produced for my good friend and singer Roxanna Walitzki.

The piece was featured as part of a group art show with the exhibition opening in New York, then later moving to Seattle. The video was also exhibited independently at the Cornish College BFA exhibition, as part of my BFA thesis.

I had a blast making this. 2 days to shoot it, with about 5 days going into editing, while working on other projects. My role in the project was as the Co-director, DP and editor/colorist. All Video was shot on DSLR: 5dMII and T3i.

I'm looking forward to more creative projects to work with other artists and individuals, getting us all closer to the vision, while bringing my own creative flourish to the production.
For further inquiry, contact : Knight.solitaire@gmail.com

Exhibition info below:



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