This is the tenth Dharma talk of Thay from the Science of the Buddha Retreat, offered in the Upper Hamlet of Plum Village on Thursday, June 14th, 2012.

00:00 Title Screen
00:30 Chanting of the Heart Sutra in English
12:00 Chanting of the Four Recollections in Vietnamese
21:25 Three Bells
22:30 Main Talk
26:51 Breathing In, I Feel Joy
27:40 Three Energies We Generate: Smrti, Samadhi, Prajña
29:20 Breathing In Sets You Free
32:30 Joy While Breathing, Happiness While Sitting
38:30 How to Guide Dharma Discussion
40:45 Joy Is the Breathing, Happiness Is the Sitting
42:40 The Practice of Meditation: Bhavana (修習)
45:35 Practice Body (法身) and the Story of Vakkali
50:50 Everyone, Including Politicians, Needs to Have a Spiritual Dimension in their Life
54:30 The Dharma Body Like the Holy Spirit for Christians
56:31 What a Sangha Is (僧身)
57:50 Thay in Exile from Vietnam. Regenerating the Sangha Body from a Cell.
1:04:40 Composition of the Miracle of Mindfulness
1:10:20 A Real Sangha Has the Living Dharma and the Living Buddha
1:12:00 The Four Recollections: Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Mindfulness Trainings
1:17:03 My Physical Body May Not Last Long, But My Dharma Body Is Strong Enough to Continue
1:20:30 One Cell in the Buddha Body
1:21:45 The Next Buddha: Mr. Love
1:25:50 Celebration of 30 Years of Plum Village

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