Is your writing holding you back?

Every piece of writing we leave behind for others to see is evidence of our professionalism. Why allow easily avoided flaws - grammatical errors or improperly used words - to create negative impressions? Spend your Lunchbreak breaking bad habits with Catalyst and writing expert Ulla de Stricker!

The fast-paced workshop provides examples of common writing pitfalls to raise awareness how often business writers make mistakes or simply show laziness. We will see illustrations of clumsy language and errors resulting from a desire for sophistication. In addition, we will see how simple layout tricks can improve the appearance of written material and help readers’ comprehension.

Ulla de Stricker’s presentation is straightforward, uses no Latin, and offers handy memory tips so you’ll never commit certain prevalent errors again. We guarantee you’ll be consulting the reference tools more often!

The Catalyst Learning Group is a leadership, learning and development company 100% focused on administrative professionals and support staff. Learn more about us at or follow us on twitter @CatalystLearn.

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