Segregation… You can’t win them all…. Stick to your core target audience!
These were the first thoughts going through my mind when reading the brief that asked us to take an advertising campaign for a product of our choice and make it ours – all whilst integrating the ethos of our ambient advertising agency, in my case, VEA.

Almost instantly, I thought of the Dr Pepper brand. Being a regular consumer myself and having had many encounters of lovers and haters of its taste, I am convinced that it cannot be mass marketed in a way that e.g. Coca-Cola is.

Dr Pepper is not a soda. It is a drink mix of 23 flavors and it is very unique in taste. It is an outsider amongst the drinks if you will, so this is exactly how I marketed it.
Instead of choosing kids, the ‘cool guy’ or sport enthusiast to be my target audience, I went for the outsiders, like the geeks, like myself.

My video tells a story and does not fit a 30 second time slot on TV – it is instead, meant to be watched on social media platforms or YouTube.

The geek in the advertisement is on a journey to satisfy his thirst after a long day hack…, I mean, in university, when he notices someone following him. His walk turns into a run from two matrix-like characters and just when he gets exhausted, he finds a shop, buys a Dr Pepper that brings him unforeseen strength to fight the strangers off.

My slogan for Dr Pepper is ‘out of this world’, which not only goes with the story in the video but also connects to the brand itself.

The video was shot and edited to show an action scene, with fast imagery and a soundtrack that underlines the feeling of unrest.

I used effects to highlight the out-of-this-world nature of Dr Pepper and the characters chasing the geek.

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