This is a bunch of test material around the house to see the quality of the new Hyper Deck Shuttle 2 recording to Solid state at 4:2:2. It is in 50p at 720 because the AF102 cannot record 1080p at that frame rate (unless you play back in 25p) yet but there is a update that has just come out which we have ordered that will hopefully let us do that.
Vimeo doesn't supposedly support playback at 50p so this should be a interesting upload. If the moving shots are jiddery then i will know that Vimeo has made the playback in 30 or 25p? Played back at there native frame rate on a calibrated monitor in the edit suite the moving shots are very smooth.
When shooting to SDXHC Card it is around 20mbit a sec with the hyper deck its closer to 220mbit massive file sizes but the quality is remarkable.
The music is royalty free from
I hope you enjoy this camera test.

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