SLB (Schlumberger), @ The Mill:

Five videos developed at The Mill for Schlumberger. Five to showcase software they are providing to their clientele.

Schlumberger was a massive project, a combined effort from many departments at the Mill. The Petrel ocean fly over was the most challenging, multiple displacement maps were used to create the large expanse of water in c4d. The 3D in Petrel, Techlog, Avocet was created by myself in Maxon c4d, enjoy!

Joanna McAinsh
Yann Trevelot
Luke Colson
AE & C4D
Nils Kloth
Oliver Harris
Dominic Burgess
Tom Wansbrough-Jones
Rob Ward
Cameron Smither
Kirti Dave
Brad Wood
Martin Karlsson
Dan Pearce
Patrick Altmaier
Scott Dawkins
Bob Granger
Melanie Climent
Can Y. Sanalan
Arnaud Philippe-Giraux

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