Here is a quick Build video using the Heavy Lift conersion kit from Aerial Media Pros FOUND here


For help installing the Naza, watch our other Build video of the F550 ARF.

We carry everything for this conversion including the F550, Naza, Wookong, Props, Gimbals and much more.
Contact us at Or call at 888-557-6791. We are happy to help.
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First step is to download the latest Naza Assistant (thats the software that goes onto your computer), The Naza Drivers, and the Manual if desired. All the latest downloads can be found here, Note that these are compressed RAR files. (

Make sure you have downloaded WinRar if you do not have it already on your computer. This alows you to extract the RAR files once they are downloaded. A free winrar download can be found here (

Install that program before you try and open the naza Files.

Once that is done. Extract the Naza Assistant, and Naza Driver files to your desktop and run the Naza Assistant software.

Once you have installed that, WITH THE PROPS OFF, plug in the copter with the USB plugged into the LED/and computer. Your computer will start looking for new drivers. When it ask to search, you do not want to install the drivers automatically, You want to specify the location of the drivers. Browse to the desktop and select the Naza Driver folder to install the drivers from.

This will istall the drivers.

Once that is done, you will need to start the assitant software, and register to gain access into the program. Do that.

Once your are into the Naza assistant, follow this video to help you calibrate your radio and test your settings. (

The main thing to check is that your gear switch is opperating the Manual and attitude mode slider, and that it is highlingting the A and M in Blue color.

This should get you all dialed in and ready to fly.

have fun and be safe.

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