Ballrooms in hotel photography usually take longer than any other area within or outside the hotel. For a start there is a lot more ground to cover in the areas of styling and lighting. In the time-lapse video you will see a lot of walking going on!
The fact that one has to light and style a larger area usually involves employing more lights (Arri Tungstens in this case) and more furniture and its subsequent styling: Flowers, table cloths, cutlery, and so on.
The example shown here is unusual in that its not the standard ballroom banquet or theatre setup. Here instead lounge chairs and low lying tables have been thoughtfully laid out creating a more relaxed use of space: something that more and more corporate clients seem to be requesting.
Despite the intense use of tungsten lighting we have allowed the natural light of the pre-function area in the background to remain as it should - natural. It cleverly shows the fact that a ballroom can be used any time of day: not just for evening functions. However, the ballroom in the foreground is still shot for an evening function.
My thanks goes to Caroline Davidson for her valuable and complex role in Production, Art Direction & Styling. Also to Clare Hewitt in her role as Photographic Assistant. Well done ladies.

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