This is the live video of "One Step At A Time"- the 2nd tune played at the Holly Kluge CD Release concert in May 2012. All music and lyrics by Holly Kluge. Filmed by John Valenti. For more info on Holly Kluge and the new album, go to:

Written by Holly Mason 2005

Breathe in; breathe out
Take it easy
Rewind. Remind
Myself again - that I need
Time in, and time out.
Can’t keep runnin’.
Slow down. Think about
Where I am.

It’s been a long road from then to now.
You’ve held my hand all the way.
Can’t do everything all at once (on my own)
I’ll take it - One step at a time

Too much, not enough
Can’t be strong for too long
On my own - I gotta learn to
Reach up and reach out
When I need to.
Sister, brother,
Thanks for the hand.

Lord, give me the strength to be strong
When I need to be strong
And give me the strength to be weak
When I need to be weak

It’s about time
to learn that I’m
Not supposed to deal alone
With all that’s goin’ on,
To realize
God put people in our lives
To help us along

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