Deep in the forests of the City of Angels Ry hypnotizes the sirens with a beautiful written song bearing a melody that made the wind silent and cold. As the fire warmly catches his face and the moon looks down, the heavens are gifted with this mans voice of pure honesty and passion.

To good looking to be taken seriously sometimes , Ry pulled his wardrobe together thoughtfully with an XXL USA shirt to offset the potential distraction his appearance can at times ensue with his impeccable style as well as sporting a beard instilling a fatherly quality that demands the aura of fatherly integrity. His genuine kindness and seemingly unprejudiced attitude towards the either drug induced , pretentious, insecure or simply knit -witted hipsters is a proof he has the qualities of an evolved man. Intellectually , and although i hate using this word because there are only a handful who actually understand what it means, SPIRITUAL.



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