We live in uncertain times but one thing about the future is certain: The business of trend analysts Chris Sanderson and Martin Raymond from the London firm The Future Laboratory is no fortune-telling business. They are all about the research of data, its correct interpretation and to some extent, about intuition. For ten years, The Future Laboratory has combined meticulous research and basic gut feeling which their clients have proffered from. TFL work for a broad range of international brands and companies as well as on special projects like Gestalten's recent book release crEATe.: Eating, Design and Future Food, which they helped conceive and co-edited. We met the accomplished speakers, whose lectures are as informative as they are entertaining, in Berlin to chat about the city as an indicator for trends, the importance of buzzwords and the fact that true optimism is best built upon profound pessimism.

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(video originally published January 2009)

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