How to Prepare Your Emissions...Before you get started. Before you start, you'll need to find how much energy your company used last year. Let's keep things simple:

Most company's financial results are on a calendar year basis, meaning last calendar year. If your company reports everything else on the basis of another start date for the year, use that date. Here is the information we are looking for:

• Natural gas or fuel oil used for heating
• Electricity used in your buildings and operations
• Fuel such as petrol used in cars owned by the company
• Fuel such as diesel used in trucks owned by the company

If you don't have the amount of fuel used by company vehicles, the total miles or kilometers driven last year will do. We are NOT looking for:

• Fuel or miles or kilometers for employee-owned vehicles
• Fuel or miles or kilometers for vehicles your company does not own, such as trucks from your package delivery service or trucking companies you hire.
• Airline or train trips your employees take, unless your company owns the airplane or train.

Find the bills for natural gas, fuel oil, petrol or anything else you burn directly inside your company or in company-owned vehicles. Here are some ways you may be able to locate this information:

• Your energy provider usually can tell you last year's totals
• Your accounting department may have the bills. Be sure to tell them you are looking for the Kilowatts per hour, litres or other units in which the energy was purchased. If you only have the cost, email and we will help you estimate. If your company's facilities manager is tracking the energy information already, consider inviting him or her to enter the data directly.

Having the proper information will ensure that your AMEEscore is as accurate as possible!

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