What does a butcher do when she gets home from a long day at work? Makes a steak and drinks bourbon, of course! (See more at treynelson.com)

Special thanks to these kick-ass people:
Sara Bigelow (The Butcher) - the-meathook.com
Rob Barocci (DP) - robertbarocci.com
Ken Druckerman - leftright.tv
Joshua Moise (Editor) - joshuamoise.com
Pablo Munoz (Culinary Producer) - garnishproductions.com
Kit Bland (Producer)
Jeanne Lurvey (Art) - jeannelurvey.com
Scott Brodee (Camera)
Chris Allen (Sound Mixer)
Geovanny Salas (Culinary)
Darin Bresnitz (Location) - therisingtidenyc.com
Zak Tucker (Color Correct) - harborpicturecompany.com

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