With no single cloud standard in sight, developers and IT pros need to think carefully about how to maintain control and compatibility with current and future cloud services. Betting on one of a multitude of working groups attempting to pin down a standard API for cloud services seems risky, as most are at the draft stage and vendor support is limited. What are early adopters doing to future-proof their applications in the cloud, and what are the lessons for developers just starting now?

This webinar will dig into the strengths and weaknesses of today’s APIs and what the future holds for a single standard. Join Jo Maitland (twitter.com/JoMaitlandSF), Marten Mickos (twitter.com/martenmickos), Jim Kaskade, and David Linthicum (twitter.com/DavidLinthicum) as our panel of experts will discuss these topics and more:

* What is the state and direction of cloud APIs today?
* What does a lack of cloud standards mean for adoption and support of IaaS?
* Where and how are applications developed today, and what role does the cloud API play?
* Does the API matter to old applications that are moved to the cloud?

You may also be interested in viewing the GigaOM Structure panel between Marten Mickos, Sameer Dholakia of Citrix (CloudStack), and Chris Kemp of Nebula (OpenStack) on "API Wars: Delivering the De Facto Standard: livestream.com/gigaomstructure/video?clipId=pla_08382675-db4a-4444-b20a-be9782e7e71f

Finally, you may be interested in reading this NetworkWorld article "If OpenStack is the Soviet Union, is AWS the USA?: networkworld.com/community/node/80882

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