Introvideo for the collection "So wie du, nur anders" by Lisa Kathrin Balk,
Show12 - diploma fashion show 2012, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Trier.
The videos are designed and developed to be a short intro for each collection. They have an average time of 30 seconds.
Every video was played before the additional collection.
Their purpose is to convey the mood of the upcoming collection.
The body language of the models, cinematography, cut and sound reflect the attributes of the collections.
The split screen was a result of the locations possibilities (Level 4 of an underground parking garage).
Because of the uneven projection surface the image had to be projected with two separate beamers instead of just one. Therefore it was possible to split the detail- and total video in two separate projections.
For presentational purposes on vimeo I combined both videos to one.
The sound was created in Logic Pro in combination with a midi keyboard and a Gibson SG Special.

Make-Up: Miriam König ( )

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