Likutei Moharan lessons 64, 22 & 282 applied to drama therapy, music therapy, and gestalt therapy work with aggressive children. Using data from a workshop I conducted in 1973 in a special education school in New York City, and which I reported in my article, "The Theory & Practice of Orientation Therapy", which was published in "The Drama Review" in November 1973, edited by Richard Schechner. Originally I interpreted the data from an anthropological point of view, making use of Victor Turner's "The Ritual Process", von Uexkull's phenomenological theory of the "umwelt", and the work of Clifford Geertz. Today, 40 years later, I am re-examining my data from the Jewish Hassidic point of view of Nachman of Bresav. Nachman says, "were they to hear just one of my lessons together with its proper melody and dance, they would reach a state of total transcendence. I mean the whole world, even the animals and plants, everything that exists would be nullified. their very souls would depart from the overwhelming delight they would experience." In LM 64, LM 22 and LM 282 Nachman tells us how to get these results. Applying Nachman's advice to my workshop data here shows how well Nachman's theory explains what actually happened in the workshop.

likutei moharan 64: MAIN IDEAS in relation to ORIENTATION THERAPY

god created the world due to his compassion
the two types of negation together are the complete dialectic
the complete dialectic is complete fear (jerusalem) and moshe will sing

compassion/tsimtsum 1 contracts the light of god to create each thing
creation begins with withdrawing the light: vacated space
deduction as clock time and linear space
x/-x impasse, transgression, as gate

compassion/tsimtsum 2 negates the x/-x negations
induction, awareness, subject/object, "chen", creates a world there
atzilut as nearest, strongest gestalt, origin
time as messianic now, place as ascent via circular local motion
these new ideas from the vacated space illuminate dead form, evil, "egypt"
created world as live form, skin is on it and in it
moshe will sing: ascent elevates dead form, vacated space to pure speech

CWH light already withdrawn, in vacated space, at impasse, stuck in transgression,
excess deduction, stasis, incongruence, frozen symbolizations & orientations
OT projections onto intermediate objects as platonic collection of good points
OT as melody, music, singing of moshe, pure tongue
OT shift from violence to creative aggression as language attacking language
OT as induction, negates the negations
OT as complete concrete dialectic elevates the fallen souls, sparks, shattered vessels,
OT restores flow, equilibrium, balances L/R, subject/object, orientation/symbolization
OT brechtian comments and hindsight as god mocking pharaoh, live form, skin of
grasshopper as garment on it and in it
OT emerging trust as faith encompassing vacated space, moshe will sing


self-interruption of the action, the complete dialectic
interrupting tsimtsum 1 removes limits to emanation, inner seal, enclosure
excess light changes atzilut (nearness) to separation, partitioning
subject/object link of good contact lost
essences, letters of the word reify into habits
due to excess light they compete to be dominant gestalts
this is shattering of the vessels due to excess light
from vessels of the light to magic (designing devices, manipulations)
x/-x extremes derive from x/-x essences, pure ideas, strong gestalts
find the idea, contact points, in each thing
so identification with the two sides restores the higher level gestalt
chen as chiut/nun, chochmah/binah, two birds, contact boundary
restores equilibrium of subject/object, orientation/symbolization
then translation repairs the heresy when moshe will sing

self-interruption of the C/W process
stuck in excess deduction, alchemical earth, philosophical conundrums
lacking faith that surrendering to the void will be productive
not getting ideas, confluence
jews as ivrim (hebrew: OVRim): induction prevails over deduction
fertile void vs sterile void

CWH excess light due to lack of inner seal
shattering of vessels: compartmentalized languages, reified habits
O/S equilibrium as induction encompasses x/-x splits, repairs vessels

as tsaddik of the generation, induction
moshe encompasses, elevates x/-x souls stuck in deduction
creation begins by means of the spoken word
letters of the word set the limits, boundaries of each thing, essences, deduction
this is the contact boundary, objective history of essences, letters of the dialectic
but only enough monologue to create the world
excess verbalizing leads to x/-x extremes, impasses
but in the vacated space, impasse, there is no monologue, objective history
moshe tsaddik is "KVaD PeH", tangibility of mouth
moshe deals with the impasse by means of induction, silence, fertile void
this is higher level than speech as deduction
this is the complete word, rather than half of the word
adds alchemical air and fire to water and earth


tsimtsum 1, inner seal, katnut, deduction, constriction, circle
the GT monologue as objective history, vacated space(s)
therefore creation is via dispute
dispute by torah scholars helps god create the world
each one withdraws to opposite side, creating the vacated space
deduction, ramification creates a world with clock time and measured space
but only enough speech and dispute to create the world
the speech, language of each x/-x pair of essences

tsimtsum 2, outer seal, gadlut, induction, expansion, spiral
too much talk creates evil
tsaddik in aspect of moshe operates in mode of silence
this is the complete word
moshe's complete dialectic as translation
tikkun as negation of the negations
from clock time to messianic now
from measured space to ha-makom
from speech of x/-x essences to pure language the complete dialectic
from objective history to identifying with the coming solution

OT as silence since nonverbal
messianic time and ha-makom spiral
languages of themes encompassed by pure tongue as moshe will sing
"we will do" shifts to "we will hear"

melody of the tsaddik elevates heresy souls from vacated space
each wisdom derives from related song: "zamru maskil" (sing song of contact)
each song & its wisdom mutually dependent, on all levels & aspects, pure or idolatrous
at level of atzilut, ohr eyn sof "there is nothing surrounding the wisdom there other than the light of eyn sof that surrounds the vacated space in which are all the creations and all the wisdoms."
impossible to know light of eyn sof
deduction cannot fathom induction
only faith is there, with its own song and melody
each idolatrous faith has its melody which they sing and "connect, symbolize" in their
house of indecency
in future moshe will sing from summit of faith with pure speech, silence, thought
all materialists and their melodies will be encompassed and made null in that melody

"were they to hear just one of my lessons together with its proper melody and dance, they would reach a state of total transcendence. I mean the whole world, even the animal and plants, everything that exists would be nullified. Their very souls would depart from the overwhelming delight they would experience."
poetry as mother tongue of the human race, ritual process (circle)
LM 22 from "we will do" (antithesis) to "we will hear" (identity, thesis)
then we will hear to we will do (difference, antithesis)
then alternating we will do and we will hear
this is identity in difference, synthesis, spiral, translation, and moses will sing

OT is following "it", as moshe will sing, we will hear
OT: "it" is light of eyn sof surrounding vacated space in which are all creations &
induction>deduction, impossible to know "it"
trust/faith allow group to follow "it" & risk building world inductively in vacated space
zamru maskil: OT as song of full contact, song of glory
OT a theme is melody of an idolatrous faith, symbolizations in its house of indecency
OT: materialists and their songs (symbolizations) nullified as moshe sings
this is the state of total transcendence of deduction by induction
OT is translation
OT is refining of good from the evil of the shattered vessels
refining in crucible, vacant space (air) by wisdom (fire)

dead form as hardening the heart of pharaoh so impossible to find god there
live form as letters of moshe (atzilut) set into midst of vacated space, dead form
with those letters you can speak the word to your generations
SO illuminates objective history
performer on top, made in image of god riding the aravot
mocking dead forms of pharaoh: parody as god in midst of evil, of vacant space
locusts tomorrow as live form in messianic now - garment on him and in him
summit of faith in the messianic now
heresy of vacated space nullified

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