Remember the Coptic wedding we shared last week and Tom mentioning how cool it is that we get to experience so many different cultural traditions as part of our work? The very same weekend, we also filmed our first Quinceañera.

When we received an email asking us if we’d be available to film a Quinceañera, all we knew about this particular event was what we could recall from an old episode of My Super Sweet 16. In fact, in Latin culture the Quinceañera commemorates a girl’s 15th birthday and recognizes the transition from childhood to young womanhood. The day is filled with rituals, traditions and symbols to mark the passage.

We were a little nervous about filming a Quinceañera, especially because we already had a lot of homework to get ready for the Coptic wedding ceremony. We wondered if we should take on the challenge. Then, we met Hope and the decision was made for us. There was no way we were missing out on filming her big day. Hope is one of those people who just has a special glow. She’s beautiful, full of life and funny. It’s impossible to be around her and not smile. You’ll see when you watch this film– Hope has a light inside that shines bright, clear and true.

There’s also something very bittersweet about a Quinceañera. It’s about leaving the safety of childhood to venture into the world. It’s about acknowledging the people who have nurtured you– in this case, Hope’s Mother, Gloria, and older sister, Monik,– while at the same time letting go of them, a little bit. It’s about preparing for the twisting road of adolescence and the little known places it will take you.

I cry a lot when we’re making wedding films. If I don’t cry, then Tom and I know we still need to do more work on the film. I have to admit that I cried more than usual as we made Hope’s Quinceañera film. And there’s one particular shot that gives me a chill and makes my eyes well up, no matter how many times I see it. I guess we’ve all been there, teetering on the cusp of adulthood, looking out into the world ahead with hope. With Hope.


Photographer: Alli McPhedran of Aphed Photography
DJ: Jetset Sounds

Whole Wide World by Mindy Gledhill – licensed through triplescoopmusic.com
Everything’s Right by Matt Wertz – licensed through songfreedom.com

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