In late September and early October 2011 the United Kingdom experienced record breaking temperatures.

With weather warmer than the Bahamas and Hawaii a pleasantly surprised British public headed outdoors.

This short film documents those heady days as experienced by the people of Birmingham, in the heart of England.

Two possibly interesting facts. Firstly, the font used for the titles is Baskerville; designed in Birmingham by John Baskerville circa 1752.

Baskerville House - a public building named after John Baskerville - appears in the film in a dolly shot which begins at around 2.40. (Also thanks to the couple in that shot who kissed at exactly the right moment as they walked towards the camera, whoever you are).

Secondly, towards the end of the film we see people playing tennis in Cannon Hill Park. The modern game of lawn tennis was developed in Birmingham between 1859 and 1865 on Ampton Road (about a mile from Cannon Hill Park).

Photography: Ed Lawes and Alan Dołhasz
Post Production: Ed Lawes
Music: Duke Pearson - Christo Redentor

Produced by Ed Lawes and Alan Dołhasz for 144 Picture, Sound & Music ©144 - 2012

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