Perform using actual items found available in a live setting (coffeeshop, bar, etc.) to confirm you are not using trick items; they are fully examinable. Spectators will not believe their eyes when they see this up close! Hands are shown empty before and after. This effect can be repeated immediately.

-- Perform wearing causal attire (no sleeves required)
-- Instant reset; no set up necessary
-- Easy to perform
-- Works automatically

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The magician picks up an ordinary straw & places a typical breath mint on one end. alternate version: The spectator draws a few arrows on a breath mint with a marker or pen. The magician picks up a wooden stirring stick & places the marked breath mint on one end.

On command, the breath mint begins to slowly turn on the straw. It stops & starts under your full control. Hands are shown empty & all items are passed out for full examination.

ALTERNATE VERSION: The marked breath mint slowly turns, starting & stopping on command, in both directions - forwards and backwards! The visual effect is enhanced due to the arrows marked on the mint.
trick can be repeated. all items are fully examinable.
hands are shown empty before & after.

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