the zen master

the bird: black-crowned Night Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax) Typically feeds at night, at dawn and at dusk. Brilliant red eyes and two or three white head plumes.

where: San Francisco bay, Northern California
when: 06 May 2012 PDT 08:29 AM, low tide, two and one-half hours after sunrise
how: 1/2.9 CMOS 1440 X 1080 @60i

unanticipated, fixed tripod, single take, leader & trailer trimmed (this video from a longer clip)
no other editing, or SPFX used - no color changes, no slow motion or time manipulation, no crop or pan

music: Any Other Name, Thomas Newman 1999 (2 versions, second rendition looped to fill time)
on: OST from the motion picture American Beauty, second version on Cafe Del Mar 2001 album

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