“So immense is the ego’s self-love, which we have come to recognize as the primal state from which instinctual life proceeds, and so vast is the amount of narcissistic libido which we see liberated in the fear that emerges as a threat to life, that we cannot conceive how that ego can consent to its own destruction.”
Mourning and Melancholia by Sigmund Freud

Sobbing Orchid is a multimedia project that consists of two fundamental parts: First is the short film that is meant to be played on a loop. This film is an exploration on sadness, an emotion highly repressed in our society, often regarded as useless, examining these repressive acts as potential responsables for various distortions of personality. Second is the sculpture piece which resembles a black guild frame, this sculpture embodies the feeling of sadness and also serves as a portal into the mind of who is being shown in the video.

The narrative of this film is inspired on the essay Mourning and Melancholia by Sigmund Freud. This essay is an early writing on depression, in which Freud tries to understand how a person can begin to self-destruct him/herself. As the essay explains: “the ego [a person] can kill itself only if, […] it can treat itself as an object.” The first third of the video shows the relationship the ill person has with his object of desire, represented by a flower. The second part represents the transformation in which the ego of this subject can no longer see the differences between who he is, and who the object is. The final part corresponds to the death in which the subject is disillusioned with the object and begins the self-destruction, in an attempt to free himself from this object of desire. The final scene references hypnosis a common psychological practice, this is when the subject wakes up from what may be a dream.

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