Leikey Designs asked that we make a bike video last year and unfortunately we didn't get to it until this year (2012). Luckily, this coincided with the same time that we picked up a 60mm Macro Lens off Kijjiji. Shot using a T2i and the Macro lens during Toronto's hottest two days this year. Edited in FCP and graded in Apple Color.

Leikey Designs is she is a Textiles Artist from the Toronto area. I highly recommend looking into her work. We have collaborated a few times in the past, notably on her Animal Collective, which I did the photography for… see
The actual Animal heads have exhibited at Sheridan College, Toronto's Gladstone, Toronto's Knit Cafe and at the James Buttlerum Exhibit in Hamilton Ontario.

J. Owen Deveney (Hey, that is I) is the lead Cinematographer for Capture Scratch a Toronto Cinematography and Effects company.

Song: 40 Day dream
Artist: Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros
They have a particularly great album which you should look into getting… see link below

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