This is the story of Boniface Domingo Brandtly.
Boniface, or 'Bo' for short, loves airplanes, wrestling and his very best friend in the whole wide world, M the Minotaur - A Luchadore wrestling doll. When Bo is invited to Suzie's Birthday party, he begins to face the challenge that is growing up, and leaving behind his past.

"The Comeback Kid" focuses on the hardships that we all face when growing up, and the transition that everyone must take as time passes us by. Growing up isn't easy. Like flying a plane, there is always a chance that you may crash. But, don't let the fear of falling keep you from spreading your wings.

Directed by Marco Baldonado, The Comeback Kid is heavily influenced by Bill Waterson's world of Calvin and Hobbes. It shows that no matter how small a person you are, there are always ways to let your imagination roam free - that is the beauty of being a child.

The Comeback Kid was awarded 'Jury's choice' at the 2012 Ryerson University Maximum Exposure film festival, and went on to screen at several festivals around the globe. it even received a nomination for best young Canadian actor - Richard Davis.

Writer/Director: Marco K Baldonado
Producer: Alexandre S.W. Brandt
Cinematographer: Matthew Muszalski
Art Dept. Marlo Billet
Sound Recordist & Design: Brandon Benoit
Editing & Visual Effects: Andrew Scott

Created in March 2012.

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