Fcity, integrating the logo of Facebook with the city, is imaging the current urban environment and deals with the meeting point between physical city and the people who live in it and the relationship web on the internet. We live in an age of accelerated urbanization and rapid metamorphoses of social structure. The growth of the cities creates a multisystem challenge - physical, economic, social, and cultural. The hierarchical, status-based, organized, familiar world is giving way to a dynamic world, rich in interpretations and multi channels that are scattered over the globe. The video work investigates the transfer from direct communication to indirect communication in a world in which the social networks create a different kind of discussion. The work sharpens the new representation space of the people, the freedom to wear new attire, visual as well as textual. The work poses questions regarding the connections in the networks between the individual and the collective. It portrays a new space that opens an opportunity for enlarging our relationship circles and also enables a democratic connection, without hierarchy, but with freedom of choice to change in both time and representation. Fcity challenges the interpretation of our cities' familiar realm.
Tagit Klimor, Uri Hallel
Yarden Erez - Sound


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