June 24, 2012
Pastor Robbie Lankford
Joshua 7

We’ve been studying Joshua 1-6 and learning that God is at work in our lives and wants to move us and our church family forward with the purposes that He has for us. Today, though, we’re going to turn to Joshua 7 and see that there are things that can get in the way of what God has for us. We need to be aware of those pitfalls so we can keep our eyes on the Lord and experience all that He has in store for our lives.

“Only One Thing Can Stop Us”
Joshua 7

#1. How disobedience happens – v. 21
a. I saw it
b. I wanted it
c. I took it
d. I hid it
James 1:14-15

some keys to not disobeying God…
*Watch what you look at
Job 31:1
*Change what you like
*Don’t go through with it
*Don’t hide it when it happens

#2. What disobedience brings – v. 13-16
Romans 6:23

#3. What to do with disobedience – v. 22-26
Psalm 145:8
Acts 5:1-11
Genesis 18:25
Deuteronomy 24:16

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