A Mira Recanati film
16mm black & white film, 25 minutes 1976

"Traveling" is a parabolic fantasy: a tale of a young woman, haunted by the passage of time and the potential loss of beauty.

Set in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, it won the prize for directing in the Annual Short Film Competition of the Israel Council for the Arts, the Ministry of Education and Culture, in Israel, in 1977.


A Beauty adorned in white lace races through the streets of Tel Aviv in her antique car. Her youthful, anxious mood is reflected in the dynamic electronic music. She strolls through flea markets and the old Jaffa ruins, sifting through the relics of past lives.

As she wanders, she becomes aware of the unsettling presence of an old woman who seems to be following her wherever she goes. Everything the young woman sees exacerbates her melancholy: from the abandoned cars, to the energetic youths who underscore her own loss of innocence. Anxious to escape her elderly shadow, the young woman flees through decrepit ruins only to find that her pursuer is as relentless as the passage of time itself.

The two women's paths finally cross on a long bridge by the sea, and they travel together to an unconscious state, united in a literal and symbolic act of coexistence. They simultaneously envision each other's presence observing their own imaginary end.

When at home, in a cleansing ritual, the young woman's beauty is jealously observed by her new cohabitant. The two women share the bed like 'girlfriends' at a sleepover, or perhaps like the present that exists in its future.

In the epilogue's dream sequence, we see the Beauty lounging on the bed in allusion to Velasquez's Venus and Cupid: a perfect vision of eroticism and longing, remembering the passion belonging to youth.

...and it starts all over again as the young woman wanders on, while electronica pounds in her head like an obsessive thought that possesses her mind...


סרטה של מירה רקנאטי

מסע" הוא פנטזיה אלגורית; סיפור על אשה צעירה, הנרדפת על ידי הפחד"
מן הזמן החולף ומהחשש לאבד את יופיה. נוצר בתל-אביב-יפו, זכה בפרס הבימוי בתחרות השנתית לסרטים קצרים,
מטעם המועצה הישראלית לאמנות במשרד החינוך והתרבות בישראל, 1977.

הסרט ב- ש/ל. 25 דקות 1976.

סרט קצר, זכה בפרס הבימוי, משרד החינוך והתרבות, סרטים קצרים, קולנוע של זרם התודעה, הגל החדש, מירה רקנאטי

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